My Timeline

1968 04-01 Michael S Novilla infant with parents Leslie Clark and Michael F Novilla st. pete 1968 04-01

Happy Birthday to me! 6 lbs 9 oz

1969 07-01 Michael F Novilla and Michael S Novilla mowing lawn 8212 35 avenue north st. pete 1979 06-15

Started by 1st Business, Mowing Lawns, at age 11. Picture from July 1, 1969 with Michael F. Novilla

1982 06-01 St Judes Diploma Michael S Novilla 1982 06-01

Graduated 8th Grade St. Jude’s Cathedral School

1986 06-05 Michael S Novilla Boca Ciega High School Diploma 1986 06-15

Graduated 12th Grade, Boca Ciega High School, Gulfport, Florida

1989 07-01

Became a Florida Lic. Real Estate Salesman

Original Kung Fu gloves from Amir Academy of Martial Arts 1990 01-01

Begin Training Kung Fu and Kickboxing at Amir Academy, St. Pete, Florida

1991 09-23

Became a Florida Lic. Real Estate Broker

1991 USF BS Michael S Novilla Diploma 1991 06-15

Graduated with a B.S. in Marketing from University of South Florida “USF”

1993 USF MBA Michael S Novilla Diploma 1993 06-15

Graduated with M.B.A. Finance, Economics and International Business,¬†from University of South Florida “USF”

1994 01-01

Hired as Direct Assistant to Real Estate Developer Tycoon Charles Rutenberg, Palm Harbor, Florida

1995 09-15

Purchased 326 6 Avenue North, My 1st Investment Property, Downtown St. Pete, Florida

2004 04-23 Milford Sound, New Zealand with Michael F Novilla Chris A Novilla and Michael S Novilla 2004 04-23

Spent about one month in Australia and New Zealand with brother Chris Andrew Novilla and my father Michael Frances Novilla

2004 04-24 New Zealand Michael S. Novilla bunging jumping off Kawarau Bridge 2004 04-24

Bunging jumping off Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand.

2006 10 October 535 MLK Street North as Pet Planet PHOTO 2005 09-15

Purchased 535 Dr. M.L.K. Jr Street North, Downtown St. Pete, Fl then operated as “Pet Planet” dog grooming and kennel

2006 03-22

Spent 7 days training Kung Fu in ShaoLin, China, with the monks.

2006 04-01 Michael S Novilla in Kyoto Japan with shaved head 2006 04-01

Spent 2 weeks traveling alone in Japan; Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Atami.

2006 08 August Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg, Russia Michael S Novilla Chris Wheat Brian Hameroff Ed Pugliese 2006 08 August

Toured the Hermitage Museum, St .Petersburg, Russia,

2006 08 August in St. Petersburg, Russia and Tallen, Estonia Michael S Novilla Chris Wheat Brian Hameroff Ed Pugliese 2006 08

Visiting St. Petersburg, Russia and Tallinn, Estonia with good friends Christopher Wheat, Dr. Brian Hameroff and Ed Pugliese.

2006 08 August Michael S Novilla visiting Stockholm Sweden and Glenfiddich Warehouse Restaurant No 68 2006 08 August

Visiting the Glenfiddich Warehouse Restaurant, in Stockholm, Sweden while traveling solo for about 2 weeks in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

2006 12-06 12-08 Michael S. Novilla during construction renovations of Pet Planet into NOVA 535 Demo Ninja 2006 12-06

Demo Ninja during rehab of 535 MLK Street North, from Pet Planet into NOVA 535.

2007 10-31 NOVAween 1 with Michael S Novilla and ladies at NOVA 535 2007 10-31

Started NOVAween, the Annual Adults Only Halloween Costume Party, NOVA 535 Downtown St. Pete, Florida

2008 Michael S Novilla opens NOVA 535 Unique Event Space image with Michael and ladies on Model A 2008 02-09

Opened NOVA 535 Art Lounge to become NOVA 535 Unique Event Space

Entrepreneur Social Club founded by Michael S Novilla January 1, 2009 2009 01-01

Founded and host the weekly Entrepreneur Social Club.

2010 06-03

Co-Created and Co-Produced Four x 6 Show “Seasons” of the Big Bang Show, a Live Variety Game Show hosted by Got Jokes Improv. I was also show judge. Think “Whose Line is it’s Anyways” meets “America’s Got Talent.” Watch Videos.

2010 07-17 Michael S. Novilla at The Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner wife Playmate Crystal Harris 2010 07-17

Toured The Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner’s Wife Playmate Crystal Harris.

2011 12-31

New Years Eve Edinburgh Scotland Hogmanay Celebration in Freezing Rain with 80,000 “new friends”.

June 26, 2014 Michael S Novilla on Glacier Cruise of Blackstone Bay Alaska 2014 06-23

June 23, 2014 to July 4, 2014 I traveled solo to Fairbanks, Denali, Anchorage, Seward, Resurrection Bay, Girdwood (Alyeska Resort) rode the Alaska Railway and enjoyed the Prince William Sound Blackstone Glacier Cruise. Business Card Front 2014 09-03

Purchased and related Social Media Channels.

2015 09-16 Michael S Novilla t Budapest Hungary Pinball Museum 2015 09-16

Enjoyed the Budapest, Hungary Pinball Museum.

2015 09-27 Michael S Novilla doing sidekick in Mostar Bosnia 2015 09-27

Doing sidekick in Mostar, Bosnia.

Michael S Novilla Machu Picchu Ancient City Solar Eclipse 2017 08-21

Climbed Machu Picchu Mountain and Visited Ancient City during Solar Eclipse.

2017 09-06 Entrepreneur Michael Scott Novilla at Toronto International Film Festival Street Art 2017 09-06 to 09-12

TIFF =Toronto International Film Festival = Amazing!

2018 02-21 Entrepreneur Globetrotter Michael Scott Novilla Luala Lumpur Petronas Towers 2018 02-20

Landed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia my 60th country visited! Here under the magnificent Petronas Towers! Views from floor 86 were breathtaking!

2018 05-10 Entrepreneur Social Club with founder Michael S Novilla Hanoi Vietnam - group photo michael holding hands 2018 05-10

Visiting Hanoi, Vietnam my 65th Country, and hosted my 1st international Entrepreneur Social Club meeting!