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As I travel the world, connecting and mentoring my fellow Entrepreneurs, I realize we all need help and support. So I’ve created a system called The NOVA Way, which uses my growing influence and connections, to build us a global family of peaceful problem solvers; one we call the Entrepreneur Social Club. By EXcluding Religion, Politics, Liars, Bullies and Thieves, we can focus on fun and productive solutions for our world, our businesses and ourselves. We meet physically each Thursday night, most always at my 5-Star wedding and event space NOVA 535, in beautiful Downtown St. Pete, Florida. Plus we connect, share and help each other daily, so please join us!


Connecting People.

Construction: 20+ years hands on experience with electrical, plumbing, HVAC, irrigation, landscaping, concrete, roofing, brick working, demo and construction design.

Customer Service: Hosted over 1,000 5-Star Weddings and Events.

Mentoring: Connecting and mentoring Entrepreneurs since 2009 via weekly ESC meeting.

Real Estate Redevelopment: Purchased, renovated and managed 100 rental units for over 20 years.

World Travels: 55 countries visited on 5 continents, and counting.


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NOVA 535

At NOVA 535 Unique Event Space, we love creating 5-Star Weddings and Events just the way YOU want! That’s the NOVA Way.

Entrepreneur Social Club

Join Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Mentors, Startups, College Students; Positive People. Founded January 2009, the ESC meets every Thursday night, usually at historic venue NOVA535.com, in beautiful Downtown St. Pete, Florida.


Discover only the Best Locally Owned, Places to Go, Things to Do and People to Meet, in beautiful Downtown St. Pete, Florida.


Showcasing the incredible Street Art Murals and Graffiti Art in sunny St. Pete, Florida.

Customer Service College

The premier online training and hands on source for customer service professionals.

Shite Show

Give us the Scoop on Where you Poop!  Tag #ShiteShow.  Submit a Photo, Review, Location Name and Weblink of our World’s Restrooms! PoopScoop@Shite.Show


Novaween is St. Pete’s Favorite Adults Only Halloween Costume Party since 2007.

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